Basket in burlap sky blue color, lined with peas cotton, dimension d25 X h30 cm, designed with a handle allowing to hang it on a handle; so you can use it also playfully as a basketball hoop. Reversible, you can change the style as you wish.
Supplied with its colored cord wash net, this net is also customizable thanks to its label that will allow you to recognize the socks belong to the output of the washing machine. Meshes are studied to avoid snags. If you use the electric dryer, it will be even easier for you to store the socks directly after drying. Child's play

Pair-in-box classic 1 basket Sky blue + 1 net cordon blue sky

  • Basket in natural burlap, lined with cotton

    Polyester net, machine washable at 40 ° C, iron forbidden, avoid chlorine, do not leave within the reach of children under 3 years unattended (tightening button can be ingested)

  • If the item is defective, we will refund you exchange the product according to your choice; simply send it back to the address indicated on the site and we will do the necessary